Exterior Wood Repair

Window and door trim can often be overlooked, but damaged trim can compromise your home's aesthetics and insulation properties. Let our skilled team restore or replace your damaged trim, enhancing your home's look and energy efficiency in one fell swoop. Perhaps your wood siding has suffered damage? Whether it's a minor fix or a more extensive repair, we'll make sure your home is well-protected from the elements and restore the charm that makes your house uniquely yours. We can repair or replace damaged sections, ensuring your fence continues to provide the security and aesthetic appeal you desire.

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Rodent Prevention Repairs

There's no denying the importance of a safe and secure home, and a part of that includes ensuring your home is not a haven for unwanted guests like rodents. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to fortify your home against these unwelcome intruders. Rodents are not only nuisances, but they also pose a threat to the structure of your home and the health of your family. They can chew through walls, wiring, and more, leading to significant damage over time. Moreover, they are carriers of various diseases.

Wood Rot

Living in Texas, we understand the toll that our climate can take on our homes, especially when it comes to woodwork. Prolonged exposure to heat, humidity, and precipitation can lead to wood rot, a destructive condition that can compromise both the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your property. Wood rot often starts unnoticed, hidden behind the surface, and over time, it can weaken structures, from window sills to decks and fences. Whether it's a minor repair or a significant restoration, Renovations by Ron is equipped to bring your woodwork back to life and ensure it stands the test of time.

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Fascia & Soffit Repair

The fascia boards provide a critical protective layer between your roof edges and the elements, while soffits are essential for proper attic ventilation and keeping pests at bay. At Renovations by Ron, we recognize the importance of these components and are experts at providing top-notch repair services to maintain their optimal condition. We begin by thoroughly inspecting your fascia and soffits, carefully assessing any present damage, and developing a detailed plan for repair. Whether the damage is due to wood rot, water exposure, or pest infestation.

Floor, Door, and Window Trim & Seals

Welcome to Renovations by Ron's Window Trim Rot Repair Services. Your windows do more than let the sunshine in; they add character to your home and protect it from the elements. Unfortunately, window trims, often made of wood, are susceptible to rot due to exposure to moisture and harsh weather. This rot can mar your home's aesthetic appeal and compromise the insulation and structural integrity of your windows. At Renovations by Ron, we specialize in repairing window trim rot, restoring not only the functionality of your windows but also their charm. Our team conducts a thorough inspection of your window trims to determine the extent of the rot.

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